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Harriet Howard Heithaus

Published 11:00 a.m. ET Jan. 23, 2019

Melody in the Masterpiece

Artist Anna Rac will be the first to say she doesn't have a finished work in focus when she walks into her studio.


That makes her complex, geometrically intricate paintings all the more amazing."I absolutely have no idea what I’m about to paint. I go to my studio, I listen to music, I grab the brush and start painting," she said.


The Gdansk, Poland, native is a classically trained pianist who spent her career in business and only since retirement has been following her first love. She'll talk about her process Thursday at Naples Art Association, where an exhibition of her works, "Art in a Key of Life," is on the walls through March 2 (2019). Rac says classical music is her inspirational prime matter, and she has phases, she said. Right now her inspiration comes from listening to Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

"I'll play the work over and over. And then I may put on something different," she said of her routine during creation. "The next day I'll come in and look at it, I may decide that it's finished. Or I may decide it needs something more and take it in a new direction."

"Return 2" by Anna Rac Submitted photo

She credits Naples artist Tammra Sigler with being her formative instructor: "She’s an amazing teacher. She brings out the best in everybody. She can home in on your abilities and your tendencies." 

In her 10 years in Naples, Rac, now 69, began devouring workshops, classes and residencies in pursuit of the art she could not devote time to before. Her inspiration is contagious; her work is in three local galleries now.

Rac says she's excited to sell a piece for reasons that have little to do with money: "It's so exciting to me that someone likes my art well enough to pay money for it, and that they want to take it home and look at it on their walls." 

What: Meet "Art in a Key of Life': artist Anna Rac, who will talk about her work

When: 10 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 24; her art is in the gallery 10 a.m.- 4 p.m . Mondays through Saturdays until March 2 (2019)

Where: Naples Art Association, 585 Park St., Naples

Admission: Free

Information: 239-262-6517 or

Full link here.